About SNG


I started the Sweet Nanny Goat Recording Studio as a means to get professional quality recordings for my old band (The Soulfuls) at an affordable price. Turned out I like and excelled at recording rather than playing so I started recording my buddies in Southpaw. As Southpaw started growing and touring it became clear that there was a real deficiency in quality recording and quality labels for the abundant amount of quality bands that are out there so we decided to turn Sweet Nanny Goat into a label. We are just a meme at this time but our goal is to be a breading ground for hot talent such as Southpaw and Casino. The way I envision the label working is that no band is actually "signed" this gives the bands on SNG the freedom to move on to majors if the opportunity arises, but at the same time we believe that with enough momentum that we can all just say screw you to the majors and just do it ourselves. When I say do it ourselves what I mean is a network of hot artists that help each other get gigs, help out with recording, share contacts and create momentum for every one on the label. Besides this band networking one of our near term goals is to get signed up with ASCAP and One Stop. ASCAP is a recording rights organization that pays realties to artists when there music is played on the radio. Your saying to your self, but my band isn't on the air, well if you get any college air play that counts too, though royalties from college air play is not as great as commercial radio it sill counts. One Stop is a service that allows record stores all over the world to be able to access our works with out having to actually contact us. The way it works is that when joe somebody walks into there local virgin mega store and says I can't find the newest by Casino then the minimum wage clerk can look up Casino up on the computer and order it for them. I believe these two items will open up SNG for full service operation for all of our bands.

If your interested in becoming a Sweet Nanny Goat Band and want more information e-mail us by clicking here or sending an e-mail to webmastering@sweetnannygoat.com.

Jacob "Papa J" Christ